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Seaside Bye Bye (Sho) Limited Edition B w/ DVD (w/ obi) $18 [photo]

Hero/Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy Regular Edition (w/ obi)$12

Beautiful Days Limited Edition w/ DVD (w/ obi)$20

Wish Regular Edition (w/ obi)$12

Pikanchi Regular Edition$12

Happiness Limited Edition$15 

Pikanchi Double Regular Edition (w/ obi)$12
Everything Limited Edition w/ DVD (w/ obi)$20


Arashi Around Asia Photo book (hardcover)→$60 [photo]
Arashi Around Asia Limited Edition DVD (3 disc)→$95 [photo]

Arashi Around Asia+IN DOME Limited Edition (Special Package 2 disc)→$65 [photo]
Summer 2007 - Kotoba no Chikara- Regular Edition DVD (2 disc)→$55 [photo]
Arashi Around Asia 2008 in TOKYO Regular Edition (2 disc)→$60 [photo]

Magazines&Shop Photos:

Cut 12/2008 Matsumoto Jun $15 [photo]

an an 04/08/2009 Matsumoto Jun$12 [photo]
Orion Style (オリスタ) 01/05/2009 Arashi Cover&feature / KAT-TUN feature / Johnny's feature →$7 [photo]
Orion Style (オリスタ) 11/24/2008 Nakashima Mika cover / Arashi feature / Yamashita Tomohisa feature / Akanishi Jin feature→$7 [photo]
Orion Style (オリスタ) 12/15/2008 KAT-TUN Cover / Arashi feature / Matsumoto Jun feature →$7 [photo]
non no 02/2009
Arashi feature / Kamenashi Kazuya feature→$7 [photo]

SHOP PHOTOS: $3/ea (comment with the number and group you want, click to see larger)


Pikanchi Note card Film Pamphlet$16 [photo]

Arashi Around Asia 2008 Concert Pamphlet$30 [photo]

Dream ‘A’ Live Concert Pamphlet$30 [photo]

Concert Goods:

Time Pen Light$20 [photo]
Arashi Around Asia 2008 Beach Sandals$15 [photo

Hana Yori Dango Handkerchief$10 [photo]

Dream ‘A’ Live Cell Phone Strap (plaque)$20 [photo]
Dream ‘A’ Live
Portable Chopsticks$20 [photo]

Kisarazu Cat’s Eye Handkerchief$10 [photo]

Hows It Going? 2003 Concert Bag (mesh)$10 [photo]

Freestyle (Ohno) Cell Phone Strap$30 [photo]

Shava Dava (Ninomiya) Poster Advert (bought used)→$13 [photo]
Haikei Chichiue-Sama (Ninomiya)
Poster Advert (bought used)$13 [photo]

Arashi Group "Shop" poster --UNOFFICIAL$4 [photo]
Sakurai Sho "Shop" poster --UNOFFICIAL$4 [photo]



Seishun Amigo Regular Edition$8

Daite Senorita Regular Edition$8

Taiyou no Namida Limited Edition (w/ obi)$18

WeeeeK Limited Edition (w/ obi)$15

Hoshi wo Mezashite Regular Edition$6

Summer Time Limited Edition (w/ obi)$15

Ai Ai Kasa Limited Edition w/ DVD (w/ obi)$18


Touch Regular Edition$25

Pacific Limited Edition (w/ obi)$40

Color Limited Edition (w/ obi)$40

Concert Goods:

Pacific Concert 2008 Tegoshi Yuya Clearfile$10 [photo]

Pacific Concert 2008 Eco Bag$15 [photo

Pacific Concert 2008 Poster (Shige)$15 [photo]

Magazines and Shop Photos:

Potato 03/2007 NEWS feature / KAT-TUN poster included→$7 [photo]
SHOP PHOTOS: $3/ea (comment with the number and group you want, click to see larger)



Signal Regular Edition $8

Bokura no Machi de Regular Edition $8

Yorokobi no Uta Regular Edition (w/obi) $8

Keep the Faith Regular Edition (w/ obi) $8

Cartoon KAT-TUN Magazine Furoku promo poster$5 [photo]

Kamenashi Kazuya "Shop" poster --UNOFFICIAL$4 [photo]

KAT-TUN 5 Group "Shop" poster --UNOFFICIAL$4 [photo]


Honey Beat/Boku to Bokura no Ashita Regular Edition $8

Darling Limited Edition $15 [photo]

Darling Regular Edition (w/ obi) $8

Feel Your Breeze/One Regular Edition (w/ obi) $8

Change the World Regular Edition $8

Millennium Greeting Limited Edition w/ stickers$10

Dasenai Tegami Regular Edition$6

Inifinity Regular Edition$15


Ultra Music Power Regular Edition (w/ obi)$10


Zukkoke Otoko Michi Regular Edition (w/ obi) $10


Venus Limited Edition w DVD (w/obi)$15 [photo]
Crazy Rainbow/x~dame~ Limited Edition B w/ DVD (One Piece Collab)$15 [photo]
T&T Johnny's Shop Official Long Towel$8 [photo]


Ambitious Japan Limited Edition (w/ obi)$10

Mr. Traveling Man Limited Edition A$10

Mr. Traveling Man Regular Edition$6

Transistor G Girl Limited Edition (w/obi)$10

Omae yanai to Akan nen (Sakuraba Yuichiro) Regular Edition$8

Arashi - Riida "Impossible"



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